History of Ancient Rome

The story of ancient Rome is a long tale filled with vibrant drama, great heights and depths, and frequent twists and changes.


The history category of this site is intended to provide a broad narrative of ancient Rome’s rise, fall and greater significance to the ancient world. It’s not meant to supply a complete breakdown of the life of every Roman emperor or a list of every god the ancient Romans worshipped. If that were the case I’d be writing for decades, and there are plenty of scholars and students of history who can, and have, done a far better job of exploring these nuanced topics than I ever would.


Instead, my goal is to offer readers a condensed account that highlights more significant people, events or historical trends between the founding of the city and the end of the Roman Empire in the west, the event commonly referred to as the “Fall of Rome”.


Click here for the History of Ancient Rome article category. If there’s any content you feel was too vague or unclear, or if you’re just curious to know more about particular details of Roman history, you can always leave a comment or question and I’ll do my best to help.


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