Ever since the Renaissance, if not earlier, the memory of ancient Rome has always been a favourite subject of the Western World’s imagination. Even to this day, it retains that iconic status. Over the years thousands of books, scholarly works, documentaries, novels, movies, video games and historical dramas relating to ancient Rome have been written, produced or created, whether to educate, entertain, or both.


But why do we still reminisce about a state, culture and society that have all long since faded into history?


It may be because of the ancient Roman authors themselves; however prone they may have been to gossip and political bias, those whose accounts survive today actually give us a first-hand perspective of Rome in their own lifetimes. This means Rome remains a remarkably well-documented civilization, especially considering it rose and fell so long ago.


It may also be because there is so much physical evidence of Rome’s accomplishments. The power of Rome is now long gone, but there are ruins, roads and monuments across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East that still remind us of it. We can see for ourselves the marks of Rome’s achievements, struggles, and legacies both brutal and benign.


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