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XI. The Year of the Four Emperors

Battle of Bedriacum
Legionaries of Otho and Vitellius clash at the Battle of Bedriacum on 14 April, 69 AD. Tens of thousands of Roman soldiers perished during the battle, the tragic but predictable outcome when the highly-trained men of the Roman army were forced to fight each other. Image courtesy of Pinterest and Osprey Publishing


Nero was dead. The throne was vacant. The rebellious governor of Spain, Servius Sulpicius Galba, began preparing to take it as soon as he heard the news. By October, 68 AD he had reached Rome with an army at his back. By that time, the nervous and defenseless Senate had already ratified Galba’s appointment to the imperial office.


As he ascended the throne, Emperor Galba had every reason to Continue reading XI. The Year of the Four Emperors